This recipe assumes you’re using and GitHub, and that you’re naming your branches the same as your Jira issue id (ex: PRO-123).

Please note that you should not add your passwords or API keys to a public repository! Probo will soon be releasing a safer process for posting build information into Jira and using Backtrac for testing.

Step One.

Upload a probo project asset ‘’ with a Jira account’s credentials, as well as your API key and NID, which should be put in the appropriate place in the quotes.


Step Two.

Add this to your Probo yaml file, replaceing _JIRA_URL with the URL to your Jira instance.

 - plugin: Script
 name: Run visual comparision to test via and comment in Jira
 script: |
    echo '{"body": "Probo build at ' $BUILD_DOMAIN  >> comment.json
    echo ' and visual test at' >> comment.json
    curl --header 'x-api-key: $BACKTRAC_API_KEY' --request POST$BACKTRAC_PROJECT_NID/compare_custom --data '{"url1":"_URL","sn1_name":"Prod","url2":"'"$BUILD_DOMAIN"'","sn2_name":"Probo ","diff_name":"Prod vs Probo"}' | rev | awk -F , '{print $2}' | rev | awk -F \\ '{print $5 $6}' | tr -d '\"' >> comment.json
    echo '"}' >> comment.json
    source $ASSET_DIR/
    BRANCH_NAME=$(echo $BRANCH_NAME | awk '{print toupper($0)}')
    curl -D- -u $JIRA_NAME:$JIRA_PASS -X POST --data @comment.json -H "Content-Type: application/json" https://_JIRA_URL/rest/api/2/issue/$BRANCH_NAME/comment