Probo.CI is a continuous integration and collaboration tool that helps break down the barriers inherent in a software development project. Probo works with git on a per-pull-request basis to ensure that you never merge code into any branch before it has been tested and approved.

Probo is both a SaaS app, available at, as well as an open source software project, available at The Probo docs site is hosted on GitHub at and pull requests are welcome!

Getting Started

The first step to using Probo is logging in to the Probo app, where you can sync your repositories, view your builds, and access build information like the console output.

Go to the Probo app and log in with your GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab account. On the authorization page, grant Probo permission to access your repos. Back in the Probo app, enter your user information and click Submit.

Please see the docs for setting up Bitbucket Server if you are using Probo with Bitbucket Server.

Sync Your Repos

After logging in, you will land on the Probo dashboard, which contains a list of all your available repositories.

  • Click Activate Repos to get to the repository management page.
  • Click Sync Repos to pull in repositories from your DVCS account.
  • Click the toggle next to a repository to enable Probo for that project.

Whenever you add a new repository, click the Sync Repos button to update your list on this page.

Test Your Connection

You can test the connection between Probo.CI and your repository by creating a dummy configuration file. Create a new branch and add a file named .probo.yaml to the root of your repository with the following:

  - name: Test Connection
    plugin: Shell
    command: 'echo "Hello World!"'

Create a new pull request for this branch. If the check passes and the connection is successful, you can begin configuring your Probo build.