Stage File Proxy is a Drupal module that sends requests to your development environment’s files directory to the production environment and making a copy of the production file in your development site. This module saves time and most importantly - disk space. This module should be used for development environments only.

Even though we are using the Drupal plugin we can still use the shell plugin to add special configuration steps.

  - dev.sql.gz
  - name: Probo site setup
    plugin: Drupal
    database: dev.sql.gz
    databaseGzipped: true
    databaseUpdates: true

  - name: Enable stage_file_proxy
    command: 'drush --root="/var/www/sfp/webroot" en stage_file_proxy -y'
    command: 'drush variable-set stage_file_proxy_origin ""'

This example enables Stage File Proxy and sets the point of origin to

The settings located at ‘admin/config/system/stage_file_proxy’ will now match what was set in the .probo.yaml file. Stage File Proxy Configuration Example

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