Installation profiles combine Drupal core, contributed modules, pre-defined functionality and configuration for the purpose to quickly set up Drupal sites. You can read more about Drupal Installation profiles on

You can use the default Shell plugin or the Drupal plugin.


Shell Plugin

  - name: Run the profile script
    command: './$SRC_DIR/'
  - name: Run install
    command: "drush site-install --root=/var/www/html bear --db-url='mysqli://root:strongpassword@localhost/bear'"
  - name: Set file directory permissions
    command: 'chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/sites/default/files'
  - name: Run behat tests
    command: 'cd /var/www/html/profiles/bear/tests ; composer install ; ./bin/behat --profile probo --tags "~@javascript"'

Drupal Plugin

Use the Drupal plugin to make it easy to define and declare build steps. The installArgs parameter defines any necessary arguments relating to the build. The Drupal plugin uses the makeFile and the drush command drush site-install. Look at the Drush documentation for more about the site-install command. For more parameter options read more in the docs about different parameter options.

Note: drush site-install will drop and rebuild all the tables in the database.

  - name: Probo site setup
    plugin: Drupal
    makeFile: build-bear.make
    installArgs: "--site-name='Install Profile Drupal Plugin Demo'"
    clearCaches: true
    profileName: bear
    runInstall: true
    revertFeatures: true
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