The Drupal plugin provides an easy way for you to configure your Drupal build and to save you some shell scripting. To use the Drupal plugin you must declare plugin: Drupal in your .probo.yaml file. The plugin’s parameters can automate your Drupal build by reverting features, running database updates, clearing caches, or performing other build configuration steps.

Directory Configuration

makeFile The name of the Drush make file to run to generate the install directory. Accepts a string value.
profileName The profile name used in creating a symlink to this directory if a Drush make file is specified with the makeFile option and used to select the profile to install if the runInstall option is selected. Accepts a string value.
runInstall If set, run drush site-install to perform a fresh install of the site using the profileName as the install profile and allowing the installArgs option to configure the install. Accepts a boolean value.
installArgs A set of parameters to concatenate onto the drush site-install command if the runInstall option is set. Defaults to ‘’. Accepts a string value.
siteFolder Specifies the site folder to use for this build (the folder within the Drupal sites folder). Defaults to default. Accepts a string value.
subDirectory The path to your docroot if it is a subdirectory of your git repository. Accepts a string value.

Database Configuration

database The name of the database to import if specified. Note that this database must be added as an asset separately. Accepts a string value. If you use this parameter, don’t add the database with the shell plugin. Do not use the zip format for your compressed database. Use the gzip format.
databaseGzipped Whether the database was sent gzipped and whether it should therefore be gunzipped before importing. Accepts a boolean value.
databaseBzipped Whether the database was sent bzipped and whether it should therefore be bunzipped before importing. Accepts a boolean value.

Settings Options

settingsRequireFile A file to require at the end of settings.php. This option helps you to avoid checking settings.php into your repository. Accepts a string value.
settingsAppend Specify a snippet, such as a variable, to append to the end of the settings.php file. Accepts a string value.

Additional Options

drupalVersion Specifies which version of Drupal you are using so that the appropriate commands can be run. For example, if you specify “8” the clearCaches option will run drush cache-rebuild. Defaults to 7. Accepts the integer values 6, 7, or 8.
databaseUpdates Determines whether to run drush updb after the build is finished. Accepts a boolean value.
clearCaches Whether to clear all caches using drush cc all after the build is finished. Your Drupal site must be version 7 or older to use this option. Defaults to true. Accepts a boolean value.
revertFeatures Whether to revert features using drush fra after the build is finished. To use this option, your site must have the Features module installed. Accepts a boolean value.


Using the Drupal plugin

  - mydb.sql.gz
  - name: Probo site setup
    plugin: Drupal
    database: mydb.sql.gz
    databaseGzipped: true
    databaseUpdates: true
    subDirectory: docroot
    revertFeatures: true

Using the Settings Options

  - mydb.sql.gz
  - name: Provision Drupal
    plugin: Drupal
    runInstall: standard
    settingsRequireFile: 'site-settings.php'
    settingsAppend: |
      $bar = 'baz';
      $foo = 'stuff';
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