The Shell plugin provides the command parameter. This allows you to define bash commands to run during the site build. You can list as many commands as you like within the steps in your .probo.yaml file.

You will need to include a name for each command since you can only declare a given parameter once per step. The Script plugin is available for multi-line commands.


Using the Shell plugin

  - name: Run behat tests
    plugin: Shell
    command: 'cd tests ; composer install ; bin/behat'
  - name: Another example test with default Shell plugin
    command: 'echo "Hello World!"'

Developing on a site with a database and tests

  - dev.sql.gz
  - name: Import the database
    plugin: Shell
    command: 'gunzip -c $ASSET_DIR/dev.sql.gz | `mysql foo` ; rm $ASSET_DIR/dev.sql.gz'
  - name: Move code in place
    command: 'mv $SRC_DIR /var/www/foo/code'
  - name: Run behat tests
    command: 'cd /var/www/foo/code/tests ; composer install ; bin/behat'

Colored output

You can include ANSI escape code colors (foreground and background) in your log output.

See color codes at

  - name: Output colored text
    command: "echo '\x1B[1;30;42m Hello World! This will display in black text (30) on a green background (42).'"
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