Certain environment options allow configuring access to your Probo builds. These options are set as top level keys, on the same level as image:, assets:, or steps: in your probo.yaml file.

Allow Environment Access While Building

We assume environments have confidential data and can be in potentially insecure or unstable states while building. Because of this, our default settings make sure environments are not made public until all of the steps have completed and the build is finished.

Setting the allowAccessWhileBuilding configuration flag to true allows access to the environment while building. This configuration variable can be used in combination with the $BUILD_DOMAIN environment variable to make your site available to external services and to kick them off in build steps.

allowAccessWhileBuilding: true

Basic Environment Authentication

You can set up Basic Authentication for your Probo builds with basicAuth. This will require users to enter the correct username and password to access the Probo build site.

  username: foo
  password: bar
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