Be sure to substitute the name of your Pantheon site for ‘YOURSITE’.

   - test-export.sql.gz
   - name: Install terminus
     command: 'curl -O && php installer.phar install'
   - name: Log in to terminus
     command: 'source $ASSET_DIR/ ; vendor/bin/terminus auth:login --email=$EMAIL --machine-token=$TOKEN'
   - name: Get the latest backup db from Pantheon test
    command: 'vendor/bin/terminus backup:get YOURSITE.test --element=database --to=$ASSET_DIR/test-export.sql.gz'
   - name: Probo site setup
     plugin: Drupal
     database: test-export.sql.gz
     databaseGzipped: true
     databaseUpdates: true
     revertFeatures: true