This example assumes you’re using GitHub, and that you’re naming your branches the same as your Jira issue id (ex: PRO-123).

Please note that you should not add your passwords or API keys to a public repository! Probo will soon be releasing a safer process for posting build information into Jira.

Step One

Upload a Probo project asset named with a Jira account’s credentials, which should be put in the appropriate place in the quotes.


Step Two

Add this to your .probo.yaml file, replacing _JIRA_URL with the URL to your Jira instance.

 - plugin: Script
 name: Comment in Jira
 script: |
    echo '{"body": "Probo build at ' $BUILD_DOMAIN '"}' >> comment.json
    source $ASSET_DIR/
    BRANCH_NAME=$(echo $BRANCH_NAME | awk '{print toupper($0)}')
    curl -D- -u $JIRA_NAME:$JIRA_PASS -X POST --data @comment.json -H "Content-Type: application/json" https://_JIRA_URL/rest/api/2/issue/$BRANCH_NAME/comment